A smart home or smart home system is a house / apartment equipped with advanced automated systems for controlling lights, temperature, multimedia, security, curtains, doors and Many other features aim to make life more comfortable, safe and contribute to the rational use of resources.

In order to give people a more comfortable life. Smart home is made up of 2 layers: normal house structure and technology together with attached devices.

Equipping additional equipment with the function of automating the cleaning process to provide users with comfort, convenience and a more modern and quality life.

Electric devices that you can control via internet connection or wireless connection of devices you are using such as laptops, smartphones.

To ensure the safety of your home and to facilitate the monitoring of daily activities of the family, the camera system is indispensable for any smart home.

Smart home – DTC company

Deploying solutions and providing smart home products of BKAV (BKAV Smarthome): DTC Company is one of the trusted partners of BKAV Smarthome in distributing and deploying smart home solutions in Nha Trang, Khanh. Hòa