About us

DTC Company specializes in providing technology application solutions in the fields of supervision, building security management, IT services … The goal is to make life simpler.

Although newly established, DTC Services and Technology Co., Ltd. has been trusted to participate in the project implementation from major customers in Khanh Hoa. We gradually affirmed our capabilities and strive to become one of the pioneers in the field of Information Technology in Khanh Hoa.

Scope of activities

DTC Company operates in the following fields:

Nhà thông minh Smarthome

Deploying solutions and providing smart home products of BKAV (BKAV Smarthome): DTC Company is one of the trusted partners of BKAV Smarthome in distributing and deploying smart home solutions in Nha Trang, Khanh. Hòa

Deploying solutions and equipment for surveillance cameras, warning systems and building security: We are experts in deploying security surveillance solutions for buildings, apartments and warehouses …

Hệ thống giám sát, an ninh

Phần mềm

Software: Supplying and deploying software operating on Windows / IOS / Android operating systems on demand: Real Estate management software, Electronic office management software, Sales management software , Accounting Software. Work Follow job management software, Portal for businesses….

Information technology services: Providing solutions, System design, Supplying hardware, Software for computerized systems, Information systems, Maintenance and maintenance services of Informatics systems for Companies ty, Enterprise

Tin học


DTC Company with the goal:

With the goal: “Becoming one of the leading companies in applying technology to life, DTC Company will always strive to provide quality products with the most professional service to customers.”

With that goal, we with the motto and vision: “Becoming a prestigious organization of competence and professionalism, with creative labor efforts in science and technology will always satisfy customers. , contributing to the success of Customers, the prosperity of the Country. “

Service goal

Prestige – Dedication – Professional

DTC company would like to thank our customers, partners have been and will accompany us in the future.